In order to assist our customers' Quality Assurance initiatives, we use a comprehensive approach throughout all areas of their operations, including R&D, raw material procurement, component suppliers, production, distribution and retail channels, and consumer management.

About us

We Employ Latest Research Technology

The Covenant University Central Instrumentation Research Facility (CUCIRF) is a multidisciplinary analytical research outfit that was established with the aim of providing a central facility of the latest and advanced analytical equipment for research, accreditation, consulting and training. The facility houses sophisticated analytical equipment, offering numerous clients a wide range of analytical methods/techniques for chemical, biological, environmental, electrical, civil, mechanical, Petroleum and allied engineering, material analyses, testing and characterization. CUCIRF is dedicated to serving the academia, industry, governmental institutions and national/international agencies, with the mind for sustainable growth and meeting the needs of researchers and industry experts.


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Our Mission

To create knowledge and restore the dignity of the black man via a Human Development and Total Man Concept driven curriculum employing innovative, leading edge, teaching and learning methods, research and professional services that promote integrated, life-applicable, life-transforming education relevant to the context of Science, Technology and Human Capacity Building.


Our Vision

To be a leading World-Class Christian Mission University, by providing a central facility of the latest and advanced analytical equipment for research, accreditation, consulting and training thereby raising a new generation of leaders in all fields of Human endeavor.



  • Delivery of timely, high-quality services to clients, and with quality, innovation, reliability and diligence (QuIRD) as our watchwords.
  • Providing a world-class multidisciplinary facility that will serve the Covenant University community and external clientele for varied scientific analyses.
  • Facilitate National and International certification and accreditation of the facility.
  • Develop capacity in the use of the Electronic Laboratory Information Management System.
  • Develop capability and training of staff for preventive maintenance and repair of the high-end equipment.
  • Organize short-term courses/workshops on the use and application of various equipment and analytical techniques.